Ali Soueidan Freelance Front-End Developer

I support companies creating nice & functional, digital products for humans.

What I do

Since 2015 I am now working in tech and during that time I have acquired the following...

    My Work

    I enjoy gathering new impressions, views and insights, mix 'em with my experiences and create something new.


    esyoil project thumbnail

    In cooperation with a backend team, I was responsible for the entire esyoil Front-End rewrite, from planning to development.


    KRAVT project thumbnail

    I supported KRAVT developing the website for wellsweet, a new FMCG product of Katjes with focus on maintainability.


    IUBH project thumbnail

    My task was the design and full-stack development of a dynamic, customizable, multilingual WordPress theme.

    Logic Joe

    Logic Joe project thumbnail

    I supported the front-end team by maintaining, expanding, and testing their Component-Library as well as building a SPA.

    Guide2 WELCMpass

    Guide2 WELCMpass project thumbnail

    I supported the Team realizing their API related web app, by optimizing the UI-Design and during development process.


    Networkstars project thumbnail

    Design of an interactive dating community prototype as well as holistic creation of the companies website.

    Let's create some epic stuff!

    Let's work together, create awesome stuff, conquer the world and drink lots of coffee, on the way doing so.

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