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Today Nuxt 3 is coming

Nuxt 3 public beta is going to be available a few hours from now – and there are a lot of improvements, which have be done. First of all Nuxt 3 builds up on Vue 3, so it will be supporting new functionality as like the Composition API, Multiple Root Element Components, and it will be written in TypeScript (as like Vue 3) as well. It will also support Webpack 5 and Vite, and seems to get awesome at all! : )

Nuxt 3 Update

In the video, Sébastien Chopin (the founder of the Nuxt framework) discusses the new features of Nuxt 3 – the public beta will be made available today (13 October 2021) and will bring some interesting features – Sébastien geht auf folgende Themen genauer ein:

  • Nuxt Nitro
  • Nuxt Kit
  • Nuxt Bridge
  • Nuxt CLI
  • Webpack 5 & Vite Support
  • TypeScript Support

As well as many other details and features that will bring the platform up to date. I’m already looking forward to trying out Nuxt 3, with all its new features and optimizations.

Sébastien also mentions some other tools I am looking forward to, as like Docus which sounds like a VuePress alternative. 🎉